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What We Provide
  • Preparation for the transition from school to work in small businesses.
  • Academically rigorous curricula with an integrated technology component.
  • A proven ability to assist non-traditional entrepreneurs (eg: female, minority, low-income).
  • Meaningful student interaction with the local community and the global economy, and
    Partnerships with business and civic leaders (through a Community Support Team).

Training Materials

The Real LEDGE Entrepreneurship curriculum, is a course offered for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, and community-based organizations which guide students through the process of creating small businesses of their own design.

K-8 Real LEDGE programs developed by Real LEDGE provides age-appropriate entrepreneurial preparation for elementary and middle school students. Students explore entrepreneurship in the context of a fully functioning in-school community and apply entrepreneurial practices to school-based enterprises and community needs.

Real LEDGE School-Based Enterprises (SBE) helps teachers create school-based enterprises that are productive and provide meaningful entrepreneurial learning experiences for students.

Building Entrepreneurial Skills Introduces students to entrepreneurship and fosters entrepreneurial skills.

Real LEDGE Entrepreneurship Modules developed for Real LEDGE are modules designed for adults on the go who need help with a specific topic related to small business planning or management.

Instructor Training

Real LEDGE International Entrepreneurship Institutes that provide training in Real LEDGE Entrepreneurship Curricula to K-12, post-secondary, and community participants.

Real LEDGE Workshops – 1 to 2 day workshops that provide training in School-Based Enterprises, Entrepreneurial Skills, and Entrepreneurship Modules.


Student Materials – tools for teachers and students that provides structured written guidance, which supplements other classroom activities and helps students assemble and write their business plans.

Member Organizations – partners that provide site support, professional development and access to capitalization.

Annual updates that improve and support the Real LEDGE Entrepreneurship curriculum.

Evaluation tools to help establish the efficacy or the program.

Our Vision

Our Vision is educationally and economically thriving communities empowered through entrepreneurship locally, nationally, and internationally.

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