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UGA Coordinators

Previous University of Georgia (UGA) Coordinators have implemented activities, which developed a university-wide implementation plan. This plan involves each of the 8 colleges and 5 schools to make UGA the national leader in entrepreneurship.

GET (Georgia Entrepreneurship Team's)

Teams formed in different counties in the state of Georgia to be the state-models in entrepreneurship training, education, and development. Teams consist of over 20 different organizations as an opportunity to network, learn from one another, and collaborate to create change. A state-level umbrella version of these teams serves to provide guidance and resources.

SBE Workshops

Recognizing the need and benefit of SBE (school based enterprises), we conduct 2-day workshops at various educational agencies in Georgia to provide training on how to establish a successful SBE.

International Summit

High school students throughout the United States, Norway, Denmark, Honduras, and other nations meet annually to develop their entrepreneurship projects and learn from each other’s cultures. Participating students make year-long commitments to develop their international entrepreneurial projects.

Annual International Entrepreneurship Institute

The International Entrepreneurship Institute training prepares K – 12, post-secondary, and community-based organizations and educators to teach Entrepreneurship. The Institute will be held annually in June. Where participants will experience a hands-on course which will ultimately help students think, plan, and act as entrepreneurs. Teachers and community leaders come from various parts of Georgia, the United State, as well as our partner countries.

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

We seek to redefine, educate, and promote social entrepreneurship; which is the process of pursuing innovative solutions of social problems. More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value.


Trained Teachers in 48 States

Trained Teachers In 9 Countries

Hosted and Organized over 70 International Training Institutes

Over 11000 Teachers Trained

Real LEDGE has been and continues to be the top leader in school-based enterprises, SBE training, and support.

Real LEDGE is responsible for developing the K – 12 SBE Training & Support Systems, for starting the International Summit and Real LEDGE programs.

The director of Real LEDGE, Dr. Paul F. DeLargy has been the director for 34 years and the director of National Real LEDGE for 12 years.

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